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Revolutionising Urban Management Through Data

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Intelligence that helps your city live up to it's potential.

Discover untapped knowledge and insights hidden behind the cameras of your waste trucks as they patrol the city streets and provide valuable data with unparalleled coverage.

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Best in class & built to perform.

VisionHQ is able to provide tailored solutions to fit a diverse range of business requirements by offering customised hardware components and cloud architecture designs.

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    Computer Vision based road inspection using HD Cameras have the advantage of being low cost and easily expandable

  • Real Time Platform icon

    Real-time Platform

    Save time and cost on road inspections and surveys by leveraging detected defect data in real-time via online tools

  • Trained on Aus Data icon

    Trained on AUS Road Data

    Target Australian road pavement conditions to provide more accurate results

  • Privacy Protection icon

    Privacy Protection

    Automatic anonymisation of human faces and vehicle license plates for privacy purposes

  • Dedicated Hardware icon

    Dedicated Hardware

    Custom made, edge computers on-board the vehicle.

  • Single Device icon

    Single Device, Many Purposes

    One single device that powers all our computer vision functions within the vehicle.

Smarter cities require smarter solutions.

Eliminate the need for manual inspections - our solutions help you to automatically prioritise & identify opportunities with regularly updated data. All from a single device.

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Road Monitoring System in Action

Road Monitoring System

For improved efficiency of road maintenance management.

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Bin Contamination in Action

Bin Contamination Detection

Promoting a circular economy by catching contamination at the source.

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Street Waste Detection in Action

Street Waste Detection

Identifying hazardous obstructions and debris affecting road safety.

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